End of the Week

Although I failed to make a post yesterday, that doesn’t mean I stopped my code work. I was up late into the evening on Wednesday and deep into Thursday morning, like Tuesday/Wednesday. Unlike the previous day, I got a lot more accomplished, hitting seven easy and one moderate challenge. In addition, I also tried out R, a language that’s primarily used in conjunction with statistical analysis. I completed the challenge, but there was something wrong with how the memory scoring was working, so even simple code (like what I had written) would take something like 20MB of memory, which prevented me from getting full credit. I’ll be back in that language some time, but not until the memory issue is fixed.

In part due to the long night, Thursday during the day wasn’t quite as productive. However, I still got through two challenges (one each in Ruby and PHP) and finished refactoring the challenge that spun my wheels so much on Tuesday and Wednesday. Turns out that scrapping my code and using TDD was a good idea, as I drastically improved my score.

Today I finished five easy challenges (4 in PHP, 1 in Ruby). Most were pretty easy, but one I spent time on to try to get my score up. It was a tough one to get right in PHP, either by penalizing you for taking too long or for taking too much memory. In the end I got it up to a fairly respectable score, but am still not sure how I could trim it further.



I've been a programmer for almost 15 years, back in the rough early days of PHP 3. Am well versed in the world of PHP and MySQL. I have a deep appreciation of ZF2 and Doctrine. The thought of all the spaghetti code I've dug through (and written) keeps me up at night sometimes. My profile picture is not of me.

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