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Today I finished the Laravel tutorial. I had to scramble to make some changes, as I was using Laravel 5.1 and the tutorial was 5.0, which caused a couple issues. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty straightforward looking system. For a CRUD heavy application, I can see some obvious advantages over ZF2. While pretty much everything you can do in Laravel is there in ZF2, it isn’t quite as intuitive, and there’s a bit more configuration required to tie everything up. I’m looking forward to giving it a test drive for real.

As for the CodeEval challenges, today was a light one so far*. I only did two easy (one in PHP and one in Ruby) and one moderate (PHP). The moderate challenge was figuring the largest sum of contiguous elements in an array. It’s challenges like this where my DIY background is at its least advantageous. I can usually get things like this by brute force solutions, which are expensive in terms of time and memory. I suspect this is because I don’t have much experience in mathematics and the creation of algorithms. It’s amazing how much faster your solutions can be when you get a good algorithm going. Once I looked around the internet and realized the optimal way to do it, it was almost head-smackingly obvious.

* I intend to do a hard challenge this evening, which will probably include a warm up easy one as well. As I’ve not yet done the challenges, I can’t count them.



I've been a programmer for almost 15 years, back in the rough early days of PHP 3. Am well versed in the world of PHP and MySQL. I have a deep appreciation of ZF2 and Doctrine. The thought of all the spaghetti code I've dug through (and written) keeps me up at night sometimes. My profile picture is not of me.

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