A Brand New Week

For schools, banks, and post offices today may have been an off day, but not for me and my continued journey back into the world of code. Today I knocked out another four easy challenges (2 in PHP, 1 in Ruby, and 1 in Python) and two moderate challenges (both in PHP). The challenges were a good way to help me expand my understanding of the syntax of Python and Ruby.

In addition, I started digging in to Laravel, a PHP framework. I like what I see so far, although I’ve only just gotten into a tutorial. It feels a lot like Ruby on Rails, as it has a lot of pre-built automation. You can create controllers, models, db migrations, etc… with a few commands, cutting out a lot of the tedious repetition that befalls a lot of OOP projects in PHP. Once I’m done with the tutorial, I’ve got an idea for a project that would be an excellent candidate to try in Laravel.



I've been a programmer for almost 15 years, back in the rough early days of PHP 3. Am well versed in the world of PHP and MySQL. I have a deep appreciation of ZF2 and Doctrine. The thought of all the spaghetti code I've dug through (and written) keeps me up at night sometimes. My profile picture is not of me.

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